Iyan, Poporin, and Junko managed to climb the rock, and carefully entered the strange red tower.
' STOP! We'll never permit you to pass here! '
In the Chinese-style corridor, a wooden robot and a Kung-fu fighter in yellow were waiting for them.
' Wow.... They are going to fight by power! The wooden robot and the Kung-fu fighter seem to be stronger than us, but there is no other way. OK, let's go!! '
Poporin and others decided to fight at once, and rushed to the wooden robot.
' Wait! Please leave them to us. '
Someone said so, and they rushed to the wooden robot and to the Kung-fu fighter.
' You.... You are the monster of my doll! '
Junko was surprised.
' And, you are Barn Owl! Why? Why do you help us?! '
Barn Owl looked at poporin, and a little smiled.
' I'm Barn Owl in your memory. After all, not only good memories but also bad memories are the parts of your mind. Don't you think so? Poporin.... '
Barn Owl began to fight with the Kung-fu fighter, and the doll-monster began to fight with the wooden robot.
' Poporin! Piyo-Piyo space aliens are in the 3rd floor. Now, you have to hurry up....!! '
' Thanks, Barn Owl. Iyan, Junko, let's go to the 3rd floor! '
While Barn Owl and the doll-monster are fighting, they run to the 3rd floor where Piyo-Piyo space aliens are waiting for them.
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