From the hole which Iyan had made, they reached to the ground. And they found that they are on the large rock which is flying over the unknown seashore.
' Hum... There is a strange tower of three stories. I think that the watermelon must be there. ' Poporin said.
' Pao! This time, I'll beat the watermelon without fail! '
Iyan firmly grips the stick with which he didn't part while he was digging the hole.
' The large eye painted on the tower is looking at us. I feel that Piyo-Piyo space aliens also might be there. ' Junko said.
' Wow... Certainly I also feel!! It seems that the time of the decisive battle approaches. ' Poporin said.
Taking care not to be fallen from the rock by strong sea breeze, three members of the Earth-defense corps climb the dry rock.
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