' ..... Where is here?.... '
Iyan awoke, and he found that he is lying on white bed-sheet of the hospital.
' Wow! Iyan, are you awake? Very good! Here is the Iyapopolis Central Hospital.
Dr. Moro-O, is Iyan already all right? ' Poporin asked.
' He has weakened considerably, but he has not been injured.  He has no
problem, I think. ' Dr. Moro-O answered.
' After I and Poporin regained the normal consideration, the Piyo-Piyo fleet
suddenly started withdrawing somehow. Commander Iyan was found on the
floor of the Peach-Cross tower control room after that. Surely you weren't
 found when we got awake...... ' Junko said.
' Well, I was....... '
Iyan wondered whether he should tell to them about Pion and the new planet.
And he thought that he won't tell them until the day when human beings can
meet again Piyo-Piyo star people naturally comes.
' Pao..Piyo-Piyo fleet has gone, pao. The Earth Defense Corps have succeeded
in the defense of the earth..... Pao? There is a dinosaur!? '
With the people around his bed, a dinosaur is looking at Iyan.
' Oh, yes! We don't know the reason, but the extinct animals began to revive
all together in all parts of the world. Maybe, this kid-dinosaur is a tyrannosaur,
 and he doesn't part from Iyan. Take this dinosaur when you leave hospital. '
Piiiii! Oooooon
Dr. Moro-O showed the amazed look, and he pointed at the kid-dinosaur who
is barking to Iyan with the pretty voice.
' We are still researching the method of coexistence with the tyrannosaurs, the
big-bird Moa, and saber-tiger, etc. Recently, we are embarrassed a little because
Japanese crested-ibis made a lot of nests on the top of the Peach-Cross tower.
Iyan, please come back and consider about them soon! ' Poporin said.
( Pao.... How is Piy-Piyo Pink?.... )
When Iyan was watching sunset clouds, the familiar voice was heard somewhere.
( I'm very fine on Planet Pion, piyo. )
( .......?? )
( Piyo, our separation is not complete. It seems that our minds are united still
 a little, piyo..... Whenever it is really necessary, we can become Pion again, piyo! )
Iyan remembered the spiritual battle before Pion was born.
( .... Some day when the world needs Pion again.... If that day came, I shall
rise with you, pao! )
The evening star shines brightly.
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