' To tell the truth, various space aliens want to invade the earth which has many resources and organisms.  I receive the declaration of war mail today again, and am embarrassed..... '
' Wow! It's a serious situation. Manage to solve it at once!! '
' Yes. Therefore, I will form the earth defense corps, and do thorough resistance. The space fleet, the Iyapoporis army, and the police will give support to the defense corps. How do you think about it, Poporin? Please join the earth defense corps, and please fight together. ' Iyan said.
' I can join if the reward will be given to me. ' Junko answered.
' Wow! Really?? .... There is no other way. I will completely accomplish the defense. '
 The Earth Defense Corps!
' By the way, What kind of space alien comes? ' Poporin asked.
Which space alien will come?
*the Piyo-Piyo space alien*
( under construction ) * the Mimicry space alien  * ( under construction )
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