'Wow! What has happened?'
'let's go to the top of the peach cross tower, 
riding our antigravity board !'
'Wait, Poporin! I still cannot control my board well...'
It is serious!
This is the intensive-control room at the center of the future-city 
Iyapopolis, which is the peach-cross tower's topmost part.
The antigravity chair for commander is floating before the equipment 
which displays all data of Iyapopolis on the wall whole surface, and 
commander Iyan is sitting down, tensing a little.
'The chair of Iyan resembles the baby rack, doesn't it?'
'Iyan, what occurred?'
'Oh, yes! It is so serious.... Listen to me, please!'
What do you think occurred?
(1) The accident occurred on the Mars base! 
The connection from Yadopi stopped!
(2) The space living thing invaded! Declaration
-of-war mail was received!
(3) Failure occurred in the antigravity control device! 
It's the emergency!! (Under construction)
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