'In fact, 12 hours ago, the huge meteorite with length 70m named 'King of fear' fell from the Mars base to 4km point-blank range. Seemingly, the communication institution near the fall point received the large damage, then, connection stopped with Yadopi and part-time worker Ran who are present in the base. The base may also have suffered damage, I think.'
'Full length of 70m!? The possibility of the base of having changed to the crater is large! Why were Yadopi and Ran in the base when such a big thing fell?'
'They carried the worker of the base to the earth with the electrical transmission machine in a hurry, after discovering the meteorite by the radar, but the electric power for two persons was lacking.....'

'What a serious situation it is! I'll go to search immediately.'

'Oh yes, go Poporin, Junko! Immediately after we knew shortage of electric power, the high-speed battleship POPOLIS left for rescue. POPOLIS arrived at the satellite's orbit of Mars now. You can go with an electrical transmission machine to POPOLIS. Go from there to the Mars base with the planet landing module of POPOLIS.'
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