Instantly, Junko and Poporin were transmitted to the space battleship
Popolis on the orbit of Phobos. They were greeted by the young officer
who carried the strange swirl-like cylinder on the back.
' Captain, we want to go to the Mars base. Since I request it to fleet
commander, please take us to his place. '
' I feel that I met this officer somewhere before. But I cannot remember... '
'How do you do. I am first lieutenant Spiral belonging to headquarters.
I have already received connection from commander Iyan in Iyapopolis.
I will take you to the Mars base. '
' What is it? '
' Please have a tachyon particle pistol, preparing for an emergency. '
' The meteorite fell, doesn't it? Is a pistol effective? '
Do Junko and Poporin have a pistol?
(Please memorize whether they had or not.)
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