' Pion... The surface of the sea is very brilliant. '
10000 meters, 9000 meters... Pion gradually approaches the ground of the new
planet. The land covered with deep forest and  the ocean which glitters receiving
the morning light have come into Pion's view.
' The radius of the new planet is about 6000 kilometers. The rotation speed is
24.01 hours, and the period of revolution is 365 days or 366 days. Pion....
The temperature is 22.5, the atmospheric pressures are 1015 hectopascals,
and humidity is 31 percent. The atmosphere is suitable for breath enough, pion...
Because I adjusted the speed of time, large animals have not been generated
yet. I'll make this planet Piyo-Piyo's new hometown, pion! '
Pion was satisfied with the make of the new planet, Pion sends the telepathy
message to the mother ship  by the same way of Piyo-Piyo Pink.
<<To the Piyo-Piyo flag-ship, this is Piyo-Piyo Pink who is the member of
the earth capture force. A suitable planet for our living was discovered at
the coordinates 00101101, 11101101, 00010110 of the Piyo-Piyo official
space map. I request that you mobilize the scout fleet at once, pion! >>
<< .....This is the 1st Directorate of Operations on flag-ship PIYOPIYON. Piyo-
Piyo Pink, your report is different from the fact. At that place, no planet exists
as long as we know, piyo. Moreover.... A little while ago, Piyo-Piyo Yellow reported
that you have died, piyo. >>
<< OK, pion.... I will send the image and further data now. >>
Pion sent the appearance of the new planet's ground surface and information of
the atmospheric elements etc. by the telepathy. Pion who is sending the telepathy
found clearly that people in the flag-ship who were dubious at first are gradually
surprised and get excited.
<< Piyo-Piyo Pink! That's a great discovery, piyo. What is this planet's name?
'The 2nd Piyo-Piyo' isn't so bad, but we want you to name this planet, piyo.>>
<< Pion..... Yes, the planet PION. >>
Pion reported the name of the new planet by the clear and pure voice after a little
( Pion have completed the mission, piyo..... )
( Pion have completed the mission, pao..... )
After having completed the contact to the Piyo-Pioy fleet, the mind of the
Piyo-Piyo Pink and Commander Iyan who had been completely uniting began
to regain gradually the difference which existed originally.
As the two minds separate, the appearance of Pion disappears slowly just like
being melted to the atmosphere of planet Pion.....
( Thank you, Commander Iyan. Your love and courage did it. Piyo )
( Thank you, Piyo-Piyo Pink. Your intellect and passion did it. Pao )
( Do we disappear with Pion? Piyo? )
( Even if we disappear, what Pion left doesn't disappear, pao. )
Two minds seemed to have united completely again at the last moment before
((The important thing which doesn't change even if the space changes. The thing
which Pion noticed only after becoming Pion. Ah, I wish I could tell those all to
 everyone........................ ))
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