Pion who dashed out to the space passed by the Piyo-Piyo fleet, and
 runs in the space cheerfully.
' Pion, this place seems to be suitable. '
At the just opposite place to the earth from the sun, Pion concentrated
 the mind, and brought right and left palm close slowly.
Then, the small materials between both hands gather, they hardened, and
mass has changed with accelerating speed.
' I control the change of mass, and increase the speed of time about
10,000,000,000,000,000 times, Pion. '
The thing like the floating dust is caused gravity at the center, attracts
 surrounding materials in addition, and has grown up to a big lofty planet soon.
' OK! It was completed! I'll confirm the make of the new Piyo-Piyo planet.'
Nodding satisfactorily, Pion rushes into the atmosphere of the new planet.
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