Pion who took off from Iyapopolis goes around the earth at the
 low orbit, and gradually raises the height degree. Then Pion ran into
 the stratosphere soon.
The whole ground on which Pion's view touched was filled with green
 plants at once, and various beautiful flowers began to bloom. The thick
 oxygen moistens the air and the water, and the ozonosphere was re-
generated firmly at the high area in the sky.
Soon, the extinct birds, the extinct animals, the extinct insects, and the
extinct reptiles in far old time appeared among the flowers, and they began
to give an exclamation of joy.
' ...There are causes in all results, and the causes and the results are linked
 in non-reversible. Just now, Pion cut this causality chain! Mankinds and all
living things on the earth, Pion give you a chance. Please retry again by
 yourself about the mistakes and the failures in the history. I trust everyone
of the earth, Pion.... '.
Pion has finished putting every place of the earth in the view, and thought
about Piyo-Piyo star people this time. Pion is gained altitude at a dash,
secedes from the atmosphere, and goes out to the space.
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