The illusion-space which was generated by Piyo-Piyo space aliens was merged
into the real space, and disappeared. But Pion came back as Pion to the real
world where the Iyapopolis central control room exists.
In the control room which is surrounded by many gauges, Pion looked for their
original body, but Pion couldn't find the pink Piyo-Piyo or Commander Iyan.

' Both metaphysically and physically, I have become the only Pion......
Tremblingly I'm impressed with the miracle, Pion. '
Both in the spiritual world and in the real
world, I'm the only Pioooon!

A clear solemn voice of Pion echos in the central control room.
In the Iyapopolis central control room, Poporin and Junko who
 were mentally destroyed in the illusion world were continuing strange
 behavior. They are still thinking that they are the Bavarian cream
brain or the anatomical drawing.
' Yes, I have a mission, Pion. '
When the mantle of Pion grazes the head of Poporin and Junko, they
have gradually regained consciousness, just like returning from deep sea.
' Iyan, never give up! ...... Wow! What am I doing?...... '
' What happened about us? Did we beat the watermelon? '
But only the yellow Piyo-Piyo who was helping to keep the illusion
 world by his spiritual energy and was looking at the full detail is
blubbering and crying to Pion.
' Piyo-Piyo Pink! Too bad..... Please return to original, Piyo! '
' Piyo-Piyo Yellow, Please never weep. I should save both Piyo-Piyo
people and the earth people without fail. Pion.... It's my mission! '
Leaving Poporin and Junko who don't understand the situation yet
and Piyo-Piyo Yellow who is still crying, Pion fly up into the sky.
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