At the moment when their mind united completely, a beautiful and energetic
living thing
was born, emitting a pure voice which echoed in the whole illusion
' Pion.... Pion! Is this me, pao? Is this me, piyo?...... '
The yell seems to be the mixture of Iyan's favorite phrase and pink Piyo-
Piyo's favorite phrase. But every time when the voice was emitted, every
place of the space is made to shine brilliantly by the strong pure energy.
' PI.... ('PI' means 'NEVER'), ON... ('ON' means 'HATING SOMEONE').
..... Yes, I am Pion. THE SPIRITUAL BEAST PION. '
Pion closed the eyes. Then, Pion remembered various things such as the
structure of the macrocosm, the meaning of the existence of the universe,
the rules which control time and space, and the secret of the causality....
Pion recalled them like originally knowing them.
' All things which we can look by eyes or can feel by body are the results
 of our perception action...... Does the real entity exist? We aren't able to
know. The results of perception mean the entities for us.
However, I myself who perceive various things exists surely. Others who
are another existences who perceive as much as me are sure to exist
 similarly. We aren't able to deny other living things... All living things should
live happily.
Then, what is the happiness? I think that the achievement of an advanced
 self formed by accumulation of wish-realization - a big wish, a small wish,
and various wishes - is the happiness.
So, what is the wish?.... How should the wish be come true?.... '
While Pion was considering, the shining of the illusion-space increased more
 and more, and gradually began to be merged into the real world where the
 Iyapopolis Peach-Cross tower exists.
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