( Pao.... Where is here? )
Iyan is riding a piece of cloud, and is floating over the very beautiful
place covered with the forest, he found. He saw this scenery for the
 first time. But... Though he doesn't know why, the nostalgia and sorrow
 filled Iyan's mind.
( Piyo, this is the scenery of my hometown.... The scenery of planet
Piyo-Piyo where we can never go back again. )
( Pao! This scenery is the place being in your mind, isn't it? )
( The hard spiritual fight mixed our minds, piyo... )
It's a surprising strange situation, but their minds have become very
calm. Anyway, their fight has ended, they knew.....
( Piyo. The planet Piyo-Piyo was lost, but it's a fortuity that I was
born on this planet. )
( Pao. The earth wasn't lost, but it's also a fortuity that I was born
on the earth. )
( I wish to live happyly, Piyo! )
( I wish to live happyly, Pao! )
Gradually, their thought were mixed, and had lost their border.
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