' OK! If you melt me, I'll become a liquid elephant! Pao! '
Iyan whose body was melt by Piyo-Piyo space alien's illusion attack
became a live liquid elephant that is like a gel. He jumped at pink Piyo
-Piyo space alien, and completely wrapped her whole body.
' Piyooo! He was strengthened by my attack! Oh... I'll be drowned! Piyo! '
Piyo-Piyo space alien who is drowned in the liquid elephant was not able
to keep human being's appearance because of painful.
Liquid Iyan had entered the inside of Piyo-Piyo space alien's body from
her respiratory organ and her digestive organ. And he went around with
her blood, then he began to unite with the molecule of each cell.
' Piyo..... I'm being invaded! Am I who is the strongest soldier defeated?.....'.
The Piyo-Piyo space alien has been shocked, but Iyan is also in a flurry.
' Pao?  I'm being absorbed by Piyo-Piyo space alien! I cannot control it... '
 Pink Piyo-Piyo space alien and Commander Iyan who were fighting hard
were shocked to find that they are mixed and losing their border gradually.
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