' Ok, the chief-commander of the earth defense corps!
You have a good fighting spirit! Piyo! '
The illusion of the school which was made by Piyo-Piyo
 space aliens disappeared completely, and the image of
their anger becomes fire which encompasses their vicinity.

Although the pink Piyo-Piyo space alien still keeps the appearance
 of a human being, the illusion disappears gradually by Iyan's hard attack,
 and the real appearance of Piyo-Piyo space alien began to appear.
' But, I'm the strongest soldier of the Piyo-Piyo army! Piyo! Never
 undervalue me. For the future of 1.7 billion Piyo-Piyo space people,
 I shall destroy you spiritually. Piyo! '

The pink Piyo-Piyo space alien attacks Iyan by the stronger illusion
 attack. And the hell-elephant body of Iyan began to be melted down.
' My.... My body is being melted! Pao! It's painful! Paoooo... '
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