One year has passed from the battle on which each other bet their fate. Today is the day of completion of the new midair-city Piyo-Piyo Polis.
The Earth defense corps - Iyan, Poporin, and Junko - and Piyo-Piyo space people gathered in the open space of Iyapopolis outermost edge. They look up at the dazzling new city, and shook hands each other.
' I'm very glad to be allowed migration to the earth, piyo. I'm sorry to have attacked you. Could you make friends with us? '
The yellow Piyo-Piyo space man said, and Poporin answered.
' Of course, OK. From the era in which people began to live in mid-air cities, the earth has enough space as compared with population. I hope that you will utilize your space navigation technology and mental technology, for development of this planet. '
From the sky, the Piyo-Piyo spacecrafts which carry the first immigrations are coming near one after another.
Yadopi and Ran came by the electric-transporting machine from Mars, and are attending here.
' In practice, various hardship might be in our future. But the mankind of the earth has started the first step as the space citizen now. ' Yadopi said.
' Yes. The earth will surely become the wonderful planet on which various cultures live together! ' Ran answered.
The Piyo-Piyo Polis is shining in warm sunlight dazzlingly.