Please stop! Piiiiyoooo...
When Poporin was going to capture the Piyo-Piyo space aliens (who caused the concussion of the brain and fell to the floor), a very splendid Piyo-Piyo space alien came to the central control room by teleportation.
' Wow....  Who are you? '
Since Poporin felt that the space alien was very dignified, he asked politely. The Piyo-Piyo space alien answered gently.
' I am the 8th Piyoh who is the emperor of the sacred Piyo-Piyo empire. '
' Piyo! His Imperial Majesty!! '
Piyo-Piyo space aliens who regained consciousness found their emperor, and they paid homage all together.
' He is the emperor of Piyo-Piyo.... '
Commander Iyan and Junko have recovered from the illusion attack, and they are surprised at the 8th Piyoh.
' I'm sorry... From the beginning, I myself had to come to wish, Piyo. While we were traveling around the space after the mother planet was lost, we didn't meet the living thing that had the intellect at all. So we had misunderstood you. Please forgive us. Piyo.... '
' Pao! Then, do you give up invading the earth? '
' Mr. commander Iyan. We are really in trouble, Piyo.... Please permit us to live somewhere on this planet. If you cannot, please supply food and the fuel for our next voyage. Piyo. '
It seemed that the peace had come to the fight between the different planet people, and the members of the Earth-defense corps felt relieved.
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