' Wow....! Here is...... '
Poporin regained consciousness, and he found that he was under Star-Flower's tree, in the Mars-Base.
' I.... I found the sun, and approached..... Oh, yes, Star-Flower also did so, and arrived at Mars! ..... His reminiscence has finished, I think. '
Junko, Yadopi, and Ran who are lying near him are still sleeping crying. A puddle of tear has been made also to the surroundings of Poporin.
' It seems that they are experiencing Star-Flower's reminiscence which I also experienced. '
Suddenly, Poporin who looked at the root of the tree of Star-Flower found that the vine of Star-Flower was holding something carefully.
It was the last part of Voyager which Poporin himself had grasped firmly so that he might not lose.
' Star-Flower..... You restored our body as you promised. But can we never talk with Star-Flower any longer? '
Poporin was disappointed, and looked down. The tree of Star-Flower seemed to shake slightly.
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