Furthermore, long, long time passed.
Poporin has already forgotten the number of times of his doing so (they were thousands of times or more), now Poporin is staring at the advance direction again.
' Wow...! What's that!? '
Poporin felt that he can see a faint point of light in the deep darkness of the advance direction of his small star.
' Is this an illusion.....? NO... I can see it sure! '
The point of light became clear gradually while Poporin progressed.
' Wow.....  Is it.... Is it so!? Is it our sun which shines on our earth? .....I have......I have.....! '
From the eyes of Poporin who is staring at the sun, tears began to flow infinitely.
'Yadopi! Everybody! I've been back!!'
At the moment of crying so, Poporin was wrapped in a strong bright light and has fainted away.
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