Then, a great volume of water began to flow from the big flower of the summit of Star-Flower's tree.
' What....What happened? Star-Flower, are you angry?! '
' ..... Poporin, I think that Star-Flower is crying! '
Junko who woke up is standing near Poporin.
' Poporin, you also cried very hard, when his reminiscence started, didn't you? '
Poporin turned, and found that Yadopi and Ran also woke up.
' Wow.... Star-Flower, what can we do...? '
Although they don't know where so much water exists, Star-Flower's tear flows infinitely.
' Mr. Poporin! Miss Junko! '
First Lieutenant Spiral who was standing by at the outside of the base, has run in a hurry to the Mars base top floor where Poporin and others are.
' Oh, Mr. Yadopi, Miss Ran, are you all right? But the circumference is beginning to become mire with the liquid which the space plant emits. If we do not escape early, it becomes impossible for planet-landing-module Turtle3 to take off! '
' Star-Flower is crying so hard.... I cannot leave him. '
Junko felt that she did not want to leave surely.
' Neither electric power nor food remains in this base any longer. I feel the same with Junko, but we must die if we don't leave here.... '
' Let's return to Iyapopolis on the earth. Then, Let's come again with full equipment. ' 
Junko nodded slightly to the words of Yadopi and Ran.
Turtle3 avoided the direct hit of tears and succeeded in the takeoff somehow.
' Star-Flower, even if our feeling may not lead each other any longer now, we are friends. We shall return. Never cry! ' Poporin said.
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