' Yadopi, which time do you want to go? ' Poporin asked. 
' I want to look at the real Azuchi-Castle for which I'm longing. And I want to ask Nobunaga-Oda a question about surviving turbulent days, if I could. ' 
' I see. Let's go to Azuchi 1582 in Oumi prefecture! ' Star-Flower said.
Soon, a brilliant castle came into their view, in front of the blue sky upon Mt. Azuchi by Lake-Biwa. 
' Ah! Is this? Is this real Azuchi-Castle at which I want to look so earnestly that I want to cry? ' Yadopi murmured. 
' NOOO! It is very impolite to float in the sky above my castle, without permission. Are you Ninja of Mouri-side? Come here! Soon! ' 
' .....? Someone is shouting, at the top of the building. What a shrill voice he speaks! ' Poporin surprised.
Kettle-ship came to the top-floor of the castle, as ordered, and the Daimyo with shrill voice ordered Yadopi and others to go into the inside of the castle. 
' Hum, what a strange vehicle this is! Who are you? Say your name. '
' Oh, yes... We have come from the future. I am Yadopi. Mr. Daimyo, are you Mr. Nobunaga-Oda who built this Azuchi-Castle? '
' Am I? This is Azuchi-Castle, and I am the owner. I don't have to say my name. '
Yadopi explained that they came from the future, and showed their radio and space-suits. Nobunaga surprised, and opened his eyes roundly.
' As you say, such things cannot be in our time. '
' The age of civil wars will finish soon, and Japan will become a unified country. ' Yadopi explained honestly what he knows about this time. Unexpectedly, Nobunaga believed him.
' OK. Welcome to my castle from far away. I believe your talk that Japan will become a unified country soon! Of course, will I realise it? '
Yadopi hesitated for a while, and said in fear.
' Mr. Nobunaga, you will die by rebellion, soon. '
' Oh, what a surprising...... ! '
Poporin and others feared that Nobunaga got angry and they would be given death penalty. But Nobunaga said in very calm voice, soon.
' Yadopi, others.  Would you dance 'Life is 50 years' with me? '
The human life is 50 years. The changing
situation looks like a dream or a phantom.
Once we were born, nobody can live infinitly.
' Since man was born, everyone surely dies. Therefore, we should always live as earnestly as we can, in order to avoid repenting when we might die. I don't want to think that 'I had to do that... ' or 'I could do such as... ,' so I'll do all that I can. Even if I were called a Buddha's Enemy, I'll do so. This poem means so, I think. '
' I think that your way of thinking is not always right. But this War-Period needs Mr. Nobunaga. Please do your best as long as you can. '
' Yadopi, what an honest man you are! I'll give you the fan. Then, let's dance again. '
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