' Next, shall we go to where I want to go? I want to see Queen Himiko. ' Junko said. 
' Don't say such an impossible thing. We don't know where her kingdom 'YAMATAI' existed. Moreover, we cannot speak the language of the 3rd century. ' Poporin was perplexed. 
' As for language, we didn't talk with Mr. Nobunaga by only language. We have only our spirits now, so we can feel the meaning of words, by our minds. OK! Let's go to the middle of the 3rd century. ' Star-Flower smiled. 
The Japanese Islands of the middle of the 3rd century is covered with green woods, and looked so fresh. They landed at a certain village in Kyushu Island, and tried to ask somebody about HIMIKO and YAMATAI.
Junko found a girl coming near. 
' She looks to be almost same age with me, doesn't she? Let's ask her. ' 
' Hi, girl. We are travelers who came from far away. ' Poporin talked to the girl. 
' ........ ?? ' 
The ancient girl was surprised at the Kettle-Ship, and said suspiciously. 
' What a large raccoon dog it is! I'm CHO surprised.... ' 
' CHO? ( CHO is present Japanese word that means VERY. ) I guess that you are speaking ancient language that means so. Girl, we call this ship 'Kettle-Ship' which is a vehicle of foreign country. We've visited here to see Queen HIMIKO of YAMATAI-Kingdom. Do you know something about her? ' Poporin asked. 
' Hi, I'm Junko. Your clothes are so cute!  Are you a shrine maiden? ' 
Junko smiled, and the girl answered shyly. 
' Yes...... I wish to be a great shrine maiden, so I'm training myself with Tuki-Miko (Tuki means the moon, and Miko means a shrine maiden), Hoshi-Miko (Hoshi means a star), and other friends. I've never heard YAMATAI-Kingdom. ' 
' Wow. So, what is this country's name? ' Poporin said. 
' This country? This country is YAMATO-Kingdom.  From the foot of Mt. Takachiho in Hyuga, to the new capital city in Yamato which is far east of Namihaya Harbor, the all area is Yamato-Kingdom. ' 
' What? The ancient books 'KOJIKI' and 'NIHON-SYOKI' tell us the Great East-Conquest of Emperor Jinmu. And was it actual? They say that Yamato-Kingdom was born in Hyuga, and was enlarged to the area which we call Nara prefecture, but we think it a myth generally. If Yamatai were the same country with Yamato or were the pre-country, both Kyushu and Kinki could be Yamatai! ' Poporin surprised. 
Yadopi seems to be interested in the name 'Tuki-Miko' and 'Hoshi-Miko.' 
' The shrine maiden is a work telling fortune or telling God's messages, isn't it? ' 
' Yes. And we make a calendar to tell the people the timing of rice planting. We also look at clouds and the moon to predict the weather. We must learn various things. ' 
' Oh, yes! As modern science has alchemy and astrology as the root, shrine maidens are the most intellectual people of this time. Girl, please do your best, and please become a great shrine maiden who is respected by people. ' Poporin said. 
' Thank you, Mr. Owl. ' 
' By the way, Could you teach your name? ' 
The girl answered shyly Junko's question. 
' I am the shrine maiden of the sun. My friends call me Hi-Miko. ' (Hi means the sun)
' Oh...!! '
' Wooow! We have gone back to past time a little too much! ' Poporin noticed that this girl is the queen of young age, and had been moved very much deeply.
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