Junko and Star-Flower and others in the 'kettle-ship' began going back to past time gradually, in the stream of time.  And speed was gathered.
' First, to which time shall we go? ' Star-Flower said.
'  I want to go just before the end of the Pacific War. And I want to check whether the battleship Kii-class existed really. They say battleship 'Kii' and 'Owari' were built in the Lushun secret dock. But is it true? If it were true, what happened to them after? ' Poporin said.
' OK. Let's go to the offing of Lushun of August 1945! '
Among offing-of-Lushun's shining waves, they open their eyes widely and look for ships.
' Oh, Poporin, there is Battleship Yamato! '
' Woow, Woow, Woow! No, Junko. It isn't Yamato. Is it Kii? '
The Kettle-ship approaches the Battleship quietly without being noticed.

' The ship has 5 turrets with 3 guns, so has 15 guns. If it is Kii or Owari, they may be 51cm-caliber guns. Antiaircraft guns are many 12.7cm guns. Aren't there newer-type guns? Electric-wave-arms seem to be strengthened considerably..... But although they are numerous, they are type-21 radars. Type-21 displays a reaction as a line graph. Are they effective? ' Poporin murmured.
' The ship does not have a crane for airplanes or a catapult. Aren't there any airplane to carry? Is it the design without a peculiar ship airplane? ' Yadopi said.

' Mr. Yadopi, I monitored the code communication which seems to be sent from the battleship. Shall I decode? '
' Yes, please. Ran, what are they saying?  '
"........ From Owari to fleet headquarters. We have no fuel, no ammunition, and no airplane. We self-sink at 18:00 in order to prevent being captured by Soviet army. BANZAI "
' Wow..... This ship is Owari! Well, Allied Forces seem to be approaching Lushun. It is so pitiable that I cannot see the last moment. Let's send salutation and leave quietly. ' Poporin said.
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(Of course, This is a fiction.)