' No, no. This isn't Angel's will, but is the wish of all of us. '
Suddenly, people who united with Angel were displayed on the electronic periscope of the assault gun carrier, and Yadopi talked to the crew smilingly.
' Mena, Doctor. I'm sorry but the picture is fuzzy, because you aren't joined with us directly yet. So many minds have come into here - the inside of Angel's mind - , and this place is bright very much, you see!
By the way, don't you think that our physical weakness of body afflicts us?  I think that it causes all suffering such as aging, illness, death, fighting, excessive desiring, etc.
We have united with Angel, and have got a semipermanent body. Also some plants of earth can live for thousands of years, don't they? We might live for about one billion years, I guess.
Moreover, I'm very glad because united members became being able to understand each other completely. Human beings, animals, insects, fishes, mountains, rivers, and even machines made by human beings.... The world is filled with spirits and friendships!
We do not have the body to which we must support even by fighting against others. So we were released from the struggle for existence and the feeding chain. I think this is just the evolution! Mena, don't you come here? Some of your sisters have already come! '
Dr. Moro-O staring at the screen of the periscope objected strongly with a loudspeaker so that Angel can hear.
' Certainly, there are various suffering for us to live, but mankind have the ability to overcome them! The mankind make an effort to live better because our life is weak and transient. Such an all-out activity gives birth to the beautiful things and the things to be worthy! 
Quarrel, reconciliation, competition, and compromise.... We learn and grow up by repeating various relations to others, don't we? So I think that I cannot call you the human being. Your situation is wrong as a living thing.
I'll never unite with you. I shall make you restore! '
Yadopi on the screen talked to Dr. Moro-O still smilingly.
' Well.... Before I thought in the same way as you, so I won't discuss to you. Because I understand your opinion, I warned Poporin and others, and invited you to the match
Now, let's conclude it! Never complain even if either wins. '
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