' Wow! How should we do?! '
Poporin and Junko heard the conversation of Yadopi and Dr. Moro-O by the outdoor screens of the city and the speaker of the assault-gun carrier. 
' Yadopi is my friend, and the one-billion-years life that he says moves my mind greatly.....! But, however......!! ' Poporin said.
' The present life also have many excellent points, as Dr. Moro-O says! Poporin, which side should we aid? ' Junko asked.
' ....I, I cannot decide! Junko, I really cannot decide! '
Mena had steeled herself in the gunner seat of the assault-gun carrier. 
' Yadopi says that he let me escape from the hospital, so that he'll fight with us from the beginning. Meow, it seems that I have no way except fighting by my best and answering him.
I must defend this body that Doctor gave me!! My sisters in Angel's mind, you might feel bad, but please endure my attack! '
The assault-gun carrier began to launch the adhesive-filled bullets again.  From many points of the city, Angel's tentacles like a vine appeared, and they tried to unite the assault-gun carrier with Angel.
Driver Nya-nya-ko skillfully avoids the tentacles, so the fight is a seesaw situation.
Which side do Poporin and Junko aid?
Dr. Moro-O and the assault-gun carrier
Yadopi and Angel
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