' I.... I believe the current human beings!! '
' OK, Poporin. Even if our lives are solitary, or painful, human beings should be human beings. It is wrong to modify the life by the ability of the space plant! ' Junko answered Poporin.
With the tachyon particle pistols, Poporin and Junko intercept the vine-like tentacles of Angel that try to capture the assault-gun carrier.
The assault-gun carrier was aided by Poporin and Junko, and Mena launched the adhesive-filled bullets well. Finally, the assault-gun carrier succeeded in hardening completely the legs of Angel by which she is united with the earth.
Dr. Moro-O yells with delight in the assault-gun carrier. 
' We did it! The invasion of the tentacles stopped! As we guessed, when the legs of Angel are paralyzed the tentacles cannot move. Now let's gather the sample of the tentacle, and find the method of separating Angel and people! '
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