Staying up all night, Dr. Moro-O analyzed the composition and the structure of tentacle-sample. And 48 hours later, he succeeded in the specification of the DNA sequence of the space plant. 
' OK. Now we can automatically identify the cells of the space plant! Let's improve the system of the electric-transporting machine, and skip only the space plant while transporting. It will work as an automatic separating machine, I think. '
The large electric-transporting machine set up in suburbs of Iyapopolis separates very rapidly the living things of the earth from the space plant.
' Wow, we succeeded! The human beings and the animals are being separated smoothly. ' Poporin said.
' Everyone will return to each former place by another electric-transporting machine. ' Junko answered.
The device kept acting three days, then Yadopi and Ran appeared from the device at last. After appearing from the device, Yadopi and Ran said loudly at once. 
' Stop! Stop it!! '
' Please stop it! Angel might die! '
Dr. Moro-O stopped the device, and Angel escaped disappearing somehow.  But Angel lost almost all of her cells
' Angel is not guilty at all! I think that Angel is the real child of me and Ran. Of course, Ran and I aren't the married couple. But..... '
' Although we have returned to the origin, please don't say such a cold- hearted thing. A little while ago, we were integrated by Angel more completely than the married couple or friends! Angel isn't a normal human child, but she is our child correctly. Please help her! '
Poporin and Junko were bewildered to the demand of Yadopi and Ran.
' OK. I'll help Angel. '
Dr. Moro-O who is getting off the device promised strongly.
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