Dr. Moro-O carefully took home the body of the Angel who escaped disappearing, and executed the major operation that replaced the cells of the space plant with the nearest cells of human being. 
Although Angel's cells were the cells of the space plant, Dr. Moro-O succeeded in managing to make her to human being, because originally he is a professional of making humanoids.
' The part where the body and the memory disappeared is too large, so making her to about five-years old child is the utmost.  Sorry, she became considerably young than before! ' 
Dr. Moro-O apologized, but Yadopi and Ran are satisfied enough
It's Christmas Eve of the year. Yadopi, Ran, and Angel come home happily with the souvenirs. 
' OK! Let's return home early and eat this cake!  '
Yadopi is running with short steps holding the box of the cake. 
' I heard in the kindergarten that the person named Father Christmas gives the present. Does he come to my house? ' Angel asked.
To tell the truth, Ran has secretly bought the present for Angel. She smiled and answered. 
' He surely comes to the house of good children. '
' Wow! I'll be a good child! '
On the same day, Poporin and Junko left for the new travel again, getting on the Bra-Usa machine.
' Yadopi and Ran married making this incident an opportunity, didn't they?  Angel seems to be really their child. ' Junko said.
' Considering about her gene, Angel is really their child.  I hope Angel to be happy..... ' Poporin said.
( Oh, yes! Also Star-Flower think so! )
' Well? I think that now I heard something.... The original space plant in the renounced Mars base might be also cheering her.  ' Poporin muttered.
The Bra-Usa machine was accelerated gradually, and went into the four-dimensional space soon.
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