' Let's stop shooting Angel!  Meow.... I feel sorry for her. ' 
Mena said, and Dr. Moro-O was very surprised. 
' What.... What you say?? ' 
Dr. Moro-O opened his eyes very widely, and stared at Mena. 
' Don't shoot her more! She dislikes it so much! ! 
' Mena, don't sympathize to her easily, at this human race's crisis! Are you going to betray the human race and me? ' 
Although Mena was shocked by doctor's anger, she said hard. 
' Betray? ..... I wouldn't betray the human race and Doctor.  Because I had been raised by human being since birth, I thought myself to be human for a long time. '
' Why do only I in the family eat on the floor? Why cannot I stand with two legs? Why cannot I speak?.....
Meow, I thought them to be unjust, and was always crying.
By chance, I was joined for an experiment of the translation machine of cat language, and spoke my sadness to you at that time. Then you made me a human being, with my sisters who lived in another place.  I never forget the kindness of Doctor! '
' Then, why do you stop.....? '
' I am a human being becouse I have human mind. So Angel in whom many persons' minds live is also a human being, I must think. You taught me that human beings mustn't bully or damage each other! '
Dr. Moro-O lost the words for answer. 
' Angel was born just now, and doesn't understand the situation well. If we explain the situation to her, she will surely stop invading, I think. '
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