They formed the army corps, and they carried out a assault-gun carrier from the underground hangar of the Peach-Cross tower.
' This is the assault-gun carrier type 3003! This vehicle has 120mm smooth-bore gun, and runs by the antigravity motor at the speed of 700Km/h. It is armored by composite materials such as the rolled steel plate, ceramics, and the titanium alloys.  Moreover, this 'type 3003-F2' normally equips an additional armorplate and the barrel armor of the compound material. It's the strongest assault-gun carrier! ' Poporin explains.
' I don't know the assault-gun carrier well... Isn't it a tank? ' Junko asked.
' The tank is a vehicle with the turning turret.  In this age, the land vehicles run with the antigravity motor, so the turning turret makes those center of gravity unstable. In addition, because the antigravity motor makes the body float, the turning turrets have to be controlled about the counter-torque. So most land arms of the 30th century do not have the turret. We call them the assault-gun carrier. ' Poporin said.
Dr. Moro-O confirmed the specification of type 3003-F2, and sat on the commander seat
' I and the cats sisters will ride on this. Poporin, Junko, you are accustomed to the battle of swords and pistols, aren't you? Please aid us as mechanized-infantry, getting on the antigravity board. '
' Doctor, the assault-gun carrier runs very fast, but its turning-characteristic is not so good! Please be careful. ' Poporin said, and Dr. Moro-O nodded.
Dr. Moro-O talked to the cats sisters.
' Nya-nya-ko, can you operate a car? '
Nya-nya-ko with blue hair jumped into the control compartment, and looked around from the hatch.
' I occasionally drive the ambulance. '
Mena sits on the gunner seat in the right of Dr. Moro-O.
' Wow, there are various cartridges. '
' Please use only the adhesive-filled bullet which have green warhead. Never launch neither firm armor piercing shell nor shrapnel shell which explodes greatly! Let's harden the Angel with the bullet that gushes the instant adhesive. '
They procured 2 sets of antigravity boards and tachyon particle pistols, the prepare for action was completed soon.
The Peach-Cross Aiders leaves the Peach-Cross tower, and heads for the district invaded by the Angel through Iyapopolis #4 radial expressway
Assault-gun carrier is running on the head, and Poporin and Junko support both sides. They advance by this wedge-formation
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