The orange girl awakes in the ruins of Iyapopolis Central Hospital. When the girl sitting on the building greatly opened her eyes, blue-white light rounded her head. 
' Oh... Where is here? I am.... Who am I?.... ' 
(Hi, Angel. Are you awake?) 
Somebody talks to her in her mind. 
' Angel? Is it me? ..... Who are you? ' 
(I'm Yadopi. I'm a part of your mind. ) 
Then, another voice talked to her gently. 
(I am a patient of this hospital. I was rescued from long struggle life against disease by you. The inside of your mind is a very calm place, Angel.) 
' The inside of my mind? Do you live in my mind? .... I don't understand well! ' 
(Please look at your feet) 
Yadopi talked again. 
(Your feet are connected with ground and the plants, aren't they? The plant has fused with a lot of people, animals, and machines of this city. Although Poporin and others don't know, the plant fused with also almost all other cities, the earth ground, and the lunar-base, by the electric transport-machine.
Now the new era of living 
things on the earth starts.
But I think that the old individual living things also should have chance. I and Ran sent a caution to Poporin and others. We will fight fairly, betting the future of all lives.)
' The future of lives...? A fight? Oh, I don't know what they are... '
Soon, a strange object like a beetle crawling on the ground have entered in her sight. 
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