Poporin, Junko, and Mena escaped from the Iyapopolis central hospital, and they went to the Peach Cross Tower which stands in the center of the city. 
' Oh! Junko, your clothes are so cool! OK, we'll become fighters too! ' 
Dr. Moro-O and a nurse who is the coworker of Mena already had come to the tower before Poporin. 
' Mena! Are you all right? ' 
The nurse with blue hair seems to be the sister of Mena. 
' Nya-nya-ko! I'm glad to see you again. How are other sister nurses? ' 
' Myu.... The quintuplet-nurses except us couldn't escape..... ' 
Nya-nya-ko was disappointed. Mena held her hands and encouraged. 
' Even if they were united with the Angel, they won't die. We must rescue them! '
' Informations are totally taken into consideration. Seemingly, the space plant is growing from the Iyapopolis Central Hospital, uniting with surrounding human beings, animals and plants, buildings, machines, etc. ' 
Dr. Moro-O who changed into a space knight's combat uniform stands in front of a big map, and tells. 
' Originally, we should request the mobilization of defense forces to Commander Iyan who is in the lunar base. However, the communication equipments are already united with Angel, so we cannot communicate with him. We cannot communicate with other cities, and are isolated! So we must fight as the Peach-Cross Aiders! ' 
Mena agreed soon. 
' Let's do our best! Dr. Moro-O, you are the head. ' 
' OK. We should have our code-names. I am #1, Junko is #2, Mena is #3, Nya-nya-ko is #4, and Poporin is #5. '
' Wow! Am I also a fighter? '
' We need arms. Well, we have the tachyon particle pistols, and an assault-gun carrier for defense of the Peach Cross Tower. ' Dr. Moro-O said. 
' We can knock down the space plant by these! ' 
Nya-nya-ko said, and Dr.Moro-O advised her. 
' Since the space plant is united with the patients and the ordinary people, it is dangerous that we knock it down. We have to build a barricade, and attack the tips of the vine in order to delay pervasion. Let's earn time until we find how we separate the Angel and the patients. It is our mission. '
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