'OK! The Space-Knight should appear!'
Junko began something in the next room, after hearing the talk of Mena. And soon, she appeared in front of Poporin and Mena, in the clothes of the Space-Knight.
' Myu! Junko, you look so cool and strong! '
' Wow! When did you get such clothes? I know that you like strange costume. But, only clothes don't have meaning, so return to the ordinary clothes immediately! ' Poporin said.
' Never return! Mena like this costume. Junko, you have so big breast, don't you? '
Since Mena saw eagerly, Junko felt shy a little.
' Thank you, Miss Mena. But these breasts are almost empty. '
Poporin was amazed.
' Mena, you are woman-cat, aren't you? I don't understand the preference of cat-type humanoids at all..... '
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