' You call her an Angel..... Yes. She may be a kind of Angel. ' 
Mena noticed someone's voice, and turned toward it. Scenery like one scene of the movie (ATRAGON?) is displayed on one of the screens on the wall. 
' The girl is the seed of me and Ran who are united with space plant. However at the same time, she is the body who holds the mind of me and Ran. Moreover, she can be called a new living thing different from us. You are able to understand, aren't you? Humanoid Mena, who is a person beyond the human beings. '
' Mr. Yadopi! Why... Why do you appear in a screen...!? '
' Our space plant cell can be united with all things. Also physically and mentally, they unite with living things and other objects. Just now, they united with the network of this hospital by the cable in the wall.
We can operate all the apparatus on the network, like our hand and foot. And all the data on the servers became a part of our knowledge. Mena, I think like that I know you for a long time. '
' Why? Why do you unite with a server? ' Mena asked.
' Probably, the instinct of the space plant carries out it, I guess. I and Ran cannot control the part of the space plant in Angel's mind. Angel wants to become a perfect living thing by uniting all surrounding objects, such as human beings and machines, according to the instinct! '
Ran who is playing the float ring begins to talk.
' In Angel's mind, it's very quiet, as you see on the screen. We think that we may be the part of Angel like this.....
But there are also those who do not want to unite, aren't there? We have appeared on the screen, in order to warn. '
' Mena, hurry up! The vines in the wall have already arrived at other sickrooms! ' Yadopi said.
' Talk it first, please! '
Mena cried, and she started to run to the corridor.
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'ATRAGON' by TOHO 1963