' Wow...What's this?! '
Mena ran into the intensive care unit, and found the twisted strange vine which has sprung up from the body of Yadopi and Ran, and the strange orange person who is standing in the center of two persons, surrounded by white mist. 
It seems that the space plant which invaded into Yadopi and Ran in the Mars base started growing up again, and has become this vine. Mena watched carefully, and found that their vines are united here and there, and are united with the machines in the wall, and the strange orange person.
' .... Who is this person at all? '
The orange person looks like Ran without glasses. But she has some same features as Yadopi, such as the projections of head, the color of the body, etc..
' When I became a human being, Dr. Moro-O taught me about angel, I remember. This person looks like an angel..... '
Mena has forgotten that this situation is strange, and she was fascinated by the person for a while.
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