It's midnight in Iyapopolis.
Cat-humanoid nurse Mena is patrolling the Iyapopolis Central Hospital where Yadopi and Ran are hospitalized. 
Since Mena has a nocturnal instinct from, she thinks that shift-operation isn't hard at all. Furthermore, since she can see things clearly in a dark place, she is contributing to saving of the electric power in the hospital. The patients wonder at Mena who can walk without foot-sound even when she wears the shoes with high heel, but it is very suitable for patrolling at night calmly. 
' Mr. Poporin and Junko are sleeping in the waiting room..... Wow? '
' The alarm is sounding! Is it a fire?! ' 
When she has patrolled the dark hospital halfway, the electronic alarm like an alarm clock began to sound in all corridors of the hospital suddenly. 
Mena felt some strange sign instinctively, then she began to run to the intensive care unit.
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