When Poporin and Junko are talking in the hospital, the space battleship Popolis on the satellite's orbit of Mars is going to attack the strange space plant on the Mars base, under command of Commander Iyan who got on board after Poporin's return. 
Although the true character of the space plant is still unknown, they cannot permit more victims to be made. Commander Iyan, First Lieutenant Spiral (who is the extraordinary subcommander), and the crew decide that they will eliminate the strange plant by arms, with the Mars base which is uninhabited now.
' Prepare the main-gun-battle, starboard! The upper #1, #2, and the lower #1, #4 turrets. Take the aim in the strange space-plant directly! The upper #3 and the lower #2, #3 turrets. Prepare reactionary offset shooting to the opposite side! ' 
With the microphone in the battleship, the command of First Lieutenant Spiral gets across to each post quickly.
' #1 turret is ready! ' 
' #2 turret is ready! ' 
Soon, the report of the completion of preparation came out fully from all turrets. 
' Commander Iyan. Our attack is ready!
' OK, First Lieutenant Spiral. Now our battleship Popolis is going to bombard the space plant which is parasitic on the Mars base, with neutron cartridges. Fate of the whole earth living thing is depending on this blow, you know! Everybody, do your best. Then, shoot it! ' 
Iyan gave instructions, and permission of the shot.  Each gun discharged the neutron shells which have large mass, all at once aiming at the space plant on the Mars base.
' Commander Iyan! The shells of main-gun carry out strange crookedness before target. they don't hit the target! '
' Really?! Oh, why? ...It's a trouble. '
They thought that it may be the error of aim, and discharged several times. But they didn't hit the target.
' The space plant may bend space-time and may form the defense wall. ' First Lieutenant Spiral said.
' Oh my god! Can there be such a power? '
The space battleship Popolis does not have an effective attack method to the space plant which has the unimaginable defense ability. Unavoidably, they decided to once return to the Lunar base and to reconsider strategy.
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