Yadopi and Ran were carried by Poporin and others, passed along the electrical transmission machine of the space battleship Popolis, and arrived at Iyapopolis which is the capital of the earth. They were immediately hospitalized in the Iyapopolis Central Hospital, and were carried in to the intensive care unit in the deepest part of the hospital.
< Iyapopolis Central Hospital >
This is the general hospital of the 30th century which was built concentrating all human beings' wisdom. Here, all the troubles of the body and soul of man are solved using the usual medical technology and all other technologies, such as living thing science, mechanical engineering, and nuclear physics etc. (Visit time 9:30 - 21:00 Insurance OK)
' Dr. Moro-O, How is the condition of Yadopi....? ' 
When Poporin and Junko are waiting outside the window of the intensive care unit, Dr. Moro-O and a very tiny nurse who will take charge of medical treatment came to explain. 
' Oh! Poporin! Regrettably, your friend's condition isn't so fine. ' 
Large Dr. Moro-O talks gesturing, in the loud voice which echoes well. 
The tiny nurse adds explanation. 
' The cells of the space plant have united with the cells of the body completely. Then, the cells of the body have changed to the plant cells which have hard cell membrane. It is very difficult to dissociate by the surgical method, Mena think. ' 
' How can they be recovered? Miss Mena. ' 
Junko asked tiny nurse Mena, and Dr.Moro-O answered. 
' We'll investigate their brain waves. If their mind activity is normal, I'll reproduce their body from the records of the electrical transmission machine. Then,the present memories will be instilled into them. The contents of an electrical transmission machine are altogether saved in preparation for the accident, aren't they? If the record is inputted to equipment, they at the time of the last electrical transmission can be restored! ' 
' Doctor says that he will replace the data of the minds in electrical transmission record with the present Yadopi and Ran's minds..... It is the big operation, which is not still once. ' 
After Dr.Moro-O goes away, Poporin is still looking at Yadopi and Ran from the window. 
' I worry about them.... Mena looks somewhat strange, I think. ' Junko said. 
' Yes. Mena was a cat originally. Dr.Moro-O is the global authority, who makes outstanding humanoids based on animals. 
Before completing his research, his researches were not understood, and he was persecuted severely, I heard. But once it completed, Dr. Moro-O's humanoids were found that they have the outstanding capabilities which the original animals had. For example, the outstanding sense of smell, hearing ability, knowing-beforehand power.... ! 
Now there is a law about the right of humanoids, and the right of returning to an animal is also secured. They and human beings live together very well. I trust Dr.Moro-O. ' Poporin answered. 
Is also Poporin a Dr. Moro-O's humanoid...? Junko wanted to ask so, but she reconsidered, not to ask. Whatever the entity of Poporin may be, Poporin who traveled together till now does not change from her crew Poporin, she thought. 
Probably, all they can do is that they believe Dr.Moro-O and leave the medical treatment of Yadopi and Ran to him, now.
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