Junko and Poporin picked out the tachyon particle pistols from their backpack quickly, and they shot the twisting vines of the space plant.
Beeeeeeam! Babababababa!!
When the trigger switch is pulled, the particles are accelerated inside the cylinder and notched light is emitted from the tip of the gun with the roaring sound which does not fit small pistols.
' We did it! It's so effective! ' Junko said.
' But, why doesn't the beam from this gun go straight on? I heard that the Space-Navy developed this for the space-hand-to-hand combat. It seems that the particles random-reflect in Mars with the atmosphere. '
Poporin and Junko repulsed somehow the vines which attack them, and cut the roots which have caught Yadopi and Ran too. They held Yadopi and Ran, and ran in a hurry toward the landing module Turtle3 in which First Lieutenant Spiral is waiting.
' Fearful plant-monster! If we were caught by it, what did we become.....? ' Junko asked.
' I also don't know. But we have to return to Iyapopolis on the earth immediately now. We must rescue Yadopi and Ran! '
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