' ... Ah, I've become difficult to speak gradually. My consciousness is not clear,  just like I'm in fog...... 
Oh, yes! Why didn't I tell it first!? Am I controlled by this space plant....? 
Seemingly, this space plant has intelligence somehow. And it can know what we think! From behind us, there is also no sound and the root approached us, and when we have noticed, already the root..... ' 
' OH!? NO! '
' ....You may be saved if you cut the root immediately when captured. But the plant predicts your counterattack. Ah, if you use a tachyon particle pistol, since it can a little go back in the time, you may be able to win. ' 
' A tachyon particle pistol!! Junko, do you have a tachyon particle pistol? First lieutenant Spiral recommended it, didn't she? If you have it in the backpack, shoot immediately! ' 
Does Junko have a tachyon particle pistol?
' Wow! I don't have it!!! '
' Yes, I have the pistol! '
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