' Oh, yes.... Aren't any messages recorded on the communication machine on his breast? ' 

' The machine is also green. Is it still useful? ' 

When Poporin pushed the PLAY button of the communication machine of Yadopi, the nostalgic voice of Yadopi was heard, mixed with noise. 

'  .... I want the man who will come to rescue to notice this record. Who comes? Poporin may come.....  

Now, the space plant is parasitic on me and RAN, and we are becoming the part of it. I who am doing this recording already plant-ize a lower half of the body, and it does not move. Soon, my whole body will become a plant, and I'll not be able to speak, or operate this machine.. 
Seemingly, the plant which trespassed upon the inside of my body was united with muscles or the nerve. However, I feel neither an ache nor displeasure. I may be paralyzed....... Do I die? I am fearful.

I fought with the space living thing, in order to protect this Mars base. This may not be so bad death. I stood here intently and think so.....

...... Yadopi! My eyes cannot see at all. It is fearful.....'

' Ran is crying! '

' Hum... pitiful..'

'Oh, Ran! Become brave. Somebody will come to rescue. You will recover in the hospital of Iyapopolis. Therefore, don't cry.

Ran is plant-ized more than me, and the strange bud is growing on her head. A flower blooms to man... It is a bad dream.

Oh, I must tell the circumstances since the fall of the meteorite, before I cannot speak. '

' Yes Yadopi! What occurred?! '

' That meteorite fell from here to the point 5km northeast about 13 hours ago. However, it fell from southwest at the shallow angle as we calculated. Then, the shock of fall spread in the opposite side of a base, so the base did not suffer so serious damage.

However, one of the fragments that dissociated with the meteorite high up in the sky hit the dome of the base directly. And it runs through the ceiling of the meteorological station and was buried with the ceiling of the power room.

I and Ran came to see the damage situation of a ceiling, and were caught by the root extended quickly. Then, we have noticed that the fragment is the seed of a space plant.  Although I had only the knife, I fought hard. '

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