' Wow!? He is a... watermelon...! '
Mena who rushed from the intensive care unit was surprised at the people who stand calmly in starlight.
' I remember these clothes! He is Mr. Shiinoki of the room No. 404, isn't he? That onion head is Miss Sugizaki! It seems that they have been united with the Angel..... ' 
With the TV phone of the corridor, Yadopi called to her. 
' It seems that the figures of uniting with Angel are various according to the person's mental condition. Many patients' minds are taken in, and the inside of the Angel's mind is becoming busy! '
' Please notify this to Poporin, Dr. Moro-O and others soon! The bodies of the patients who are united are controled by the Angel's instinct and are going to increase the member. So please be careful not to be captured! '
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