' WHAAAAH!! Pyon! '
Poporin caught the mass-production type almighty fan, which Major Usapi held.
It seemed to be succeeded, but Usapi's parting with the fan was a little too late.
Then, Major Usapi and Lieutenant colonel Yu and Hazzan went out from the airlock!
' Ah.... Major Usapi!! '
' Mr. Usapi, please hold the almighty fan firmly! Please be calm... When you hold it
firmly, please triple-click the clasp of the fan!! '
Hearing the radio-message from Hazzan, Major Usapi held the almighty fan firmly, and
operated the clasp at once.
  Then, the almighty fan developed like a parasol, and began to go toward the direction
 where the parasol was turned!
' This is the 3rd form of the almighty fan, the Space-parasol. We use this form at our
space walk, and the parasol goes toward the direction where it's turned. The speed
can be adjusted by the angle of opening the parasol! '
Lieutenant colonel Yu found that Poporin is pointing forward.
' Major Usapi, let's go to battleship Chomolungma with this way! Poporin is showing
the direction. '
' OK, pyon. Yu, Hazzan, please hold the legs firmly, pyon! '
Major Usapi opened the Space-parasol fully, and they went forward in a high speed,
outstripping the rush rocket of Colonel Tris.
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