Just when Major Usapi and others were trying hard to hand the fan at the air lock,
Colonel Chris and Star-Princess were fighting in hand-to-hand combat on the roof.
' HOOOO!! '
The punch which colonel Chris had struck with the yell was guarded by the right
arm of Star-Princess, and grazed the side of the helmet slightly.
' DYAAAA!! '
The punch which Star-Princess struck was stoutly guarded just before Colonel
Chris's middle of the forehead, and the punches of each other cannot give a blow
quite effective to each other.
' It's a good skill, Colonel Chris. Could you tell your combatting method? '
' This is the standard combatting method of the space naval forces, the Atmospheric fist
which defends the earth!! '

Hearing the answer of Colonel Chris, Star-Princess seems to understand, and
deeply nodded.
' My combatting method is the Deep sky fist handed down since Horai-city was
established. Considering the way of hitting and blocking, our methods seem to be
 the same originally..... '
Giving no effective shock to each other, the even fight of Star-Princess and
Colonel Chris continued.
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