' Oh, yes, pyon! '
' Major Usapi, do you have any good idea? '
Major Usapi who was considering about the method with which he make Colonel
Tris and Poporin take home the mass production type gravity sword to the earth
fleet said so suddenly. He jumped, and began to run on the passage.
' Our clothes are space combat suits too, pyon. Only adding the helmet, Star-
Princess can get out into the space, and we also can do so, pyon. Although we
cannot communicate with Colonel Tris, I'll open the airlock and will hand her this
gravity sword directly, pyon! '
' Oh, my god!! Can we hand it well?.... '
  ' Wow!? This time, what is that?? '
The rush rocket of Colonel Tris and Poporin was going  near the hatch of the
airlock of the Comet. Suddenly, the hatch opened, and Major Usapi who was
supported by Lieutenant colonel Yu who was supported by Hazzan began to
swing a fan. Colonel Tris and Poporin were very surprised!
' Woooow.... Are they THE BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS? '
' Ah, Poporin! Please look at the fan holded by Major Usapi..... '
' It's the same fan as Star-Princess' fan, isn't it?!! '
Colonel Tris and Poporin noticed that Major Usapi and others are trying to
hand them the almighty fan, and approached the door slowly.
' Major Usapi, are you all right? '
Yu asked, and Usapi nodded.
' Oh, yes, pyon. Mr. Poporin and Colonel Tris, please take this fan, pyon! '
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