On the roof of Comet, Colonel Chris and Star-Princess are still fighting.
Suddenly, the energy indicator of Colonel Chris's photon energy saber began to
blink, and the blade of the saber that violently knocked against the gravity sword
of Star-Princess became indistinct gradually... At last, the saber became only a grip.
' Uh..... Shit! '
Colonel Chris who had noticed that the energy of the saber was exhausted shouted
instinctively in the whisper.
' It seems that the energy of your saber was exhausted. '
 Star-Princess held up the gravity sword high, and the sword became the fan again
in a moment.
' OK! Now I also have no arms.... Colonel Chris, come on, let's fight! '
At once, Colonel Chris jumped from the rush rocket to the roof of Comet, and took
a stance toward Star-Princess!
' It's thoughtless to challenge me who is the battle-robot, with the grapple fight. Prepare your
mind enough so as not to regret. '

Colonel Chris answered in the tone which a little became Horai-tone while she was
fighting against Star-Princess.
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