' Now let's go back to our fleet with this mass-production gravity sword, pyon. Then,
the energy problems of Piyo-Piyo people will be solved, and the earth navy and the
Piyo-Piyo navy will be able to make peace, pyon! '
Holding the gravity sword which he bought, Major Usapi smiled.
' But, how can we go back to our fleet with this sword? '
Lieutenant colonel Yu inclined the head and asked, so Major Usapi was embarrassed
a little.
' The way is........  Now we are being sent to our fleet, then....... But the battle of Star-
Princess and Colonel Chris will never stop, if we don't do anything, pyon!! '
When they looked at each other's face, Hazzan talked to them having the almighty
' By the way, shall I explain how to use the gravity sword? It is absolutely necessary
for you! '
Yu and Usapi nodded, and Hazzan started the explanation slowly.
' First, I'll demonstrate the method of changing the almighty fan into the gravity sword.
@Are you ready? Please hold the almighty fan in your right hand. Push the switch with
your thumb, and turn it, then swing it forward. Turn it, and swing it forward! OK! Let's
 do it together! '
In Comet, Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi also held the fan, and started the
training with Hazzan.
' Wow! They are Yu and Usapi of whom we lost sight with L-25, aren't they? '
The rush rocket of Colonel Tris approached Comet gradually. Now Poporin on the rear
-seat can clearly see inside of the cabin with his eyes.
' Oh, why do Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi exist here?! '
 Colonel Tris also found Yu and Usapi, and approached the window of Comet with the
rush rocket.
' Wow..... What are they doing holding the fan? ... Is that the lesson of dance? '
' Is that a joke? ...... But they are really doing such actions. '
Yu and Usapi in the Comet also found the rush rocket out of the window.
' Ah, that's Colonel Tris, pyon! Mr. Poporin also has come, pyon... OK! Let's make them
take this gravity sword home to the fleet, pyon. Then, the fleet will make Colonel Chris
and two Piyo-Rina robots withdrawn, pyon! '
Major Usapi and Lieutenant colonel Yu tried to communicate with Colonel Tris and
Poporin, and made many gestures. But Poporin and Colonel Tris looked their gestures
only like the dance.
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