To stabilize the work stand of Star-Princess who was violently sword-fighting with
Colonel Chris, Comet started the straight line of equal velocity flight. Lieutenant
colonel Yu and Major Usapi are thinking about the method of stopping the fight
in the cabin of Comet.
' Pyon, Piyo-Rina intercepted the telepathy communication. They say that Star-
Princess and Colonel Chris are fighting betting the gravity sword, pyon. The
gravity control technology of the sword seems to be a key to the peace of  the
Piyo-Piyo navy and the earth navy, pyon! '
' The terrible shake has been settled..... Major Usapi, I dried up the throat because
of the tension.... '.
' Ah, we have some soft drinks! Could you wait a little? '
Hazzan heard the voice of Yu, and he got out a large wagon from the hangar near
the cockpit. Then he pushed the wagon to the side of the seats of Lieutenant
colonel Yu and Major Usapi.
' Would you like the box lunch, the green tea, and the souvenirs? The Comet-lunch, the Horai
-tea, the plastic model of the Comet, and the home-use almighty fan. Would you like some? '

' Ah.... This is the.... '
' The gravity sword, pyon!! '
They were very surprised at the almighty-fan and the gravity sword which were
displayed on the souvenir wagon.
' This sword looks smaller than the sword which Star-Princess has. Does this sword
cut as well as that? '

Lieutenant colonel Yu asked, and Hazzan explained with an accustomed tone.
' Yes, of course. The sword of Star-Princess is a celebrated sword of the national
treasure class which was forged by very famous sword-maker I-3, and this sword
is mass-produced goods made at the factory for the souvenir. But the basic
performance is the same. Even the firm frozen foods or the crabs with the husk
will splendidly become two pieces. This is the best for the home cooking, and all
inhabitants in Horai-city are using this. Would you like one, for the souvenir? '
' Well...... '
' ..... They don't have to bet purposely the sword of Star-Princess, do they? '
' Oh yes, pyon! Technically, this sword is enough! '
' Thank you very much! '
Both of Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi bought one mass production type
gravity sword, one Horai-tea, and one comet box lunch.
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