When Colonel Tris and Poporin advanced for a while with the tandem rush rocket,
they found a spaceship which seemed to be Comet forward.
' What on earth are they?!...... '
Every time when the gravity sword of Star-Princess hits the photon energy saber
of Colonel Chris, the innumerable dazzling flashes scatter. And they seem to fill the
space around Comet.
' WOOOOW.... They look like cherry blossoms! That's like an enjoying seeing cherry
blossoms in the space!! '
' Hm... Poporin, what a carefree thing you say! Colonel Chris is fighting at the risk
of her life...... But they really look like cherry blossoms as you say! '

While sailing in a row with Comet for a little while, they looked admiringly at the
vivid space-cherry. But soon Colonel Tris turned the accelarator, and began to
approach Comet carefully.
' Poporin, prepare for the battle! Please release the safety device of the tachyon
particle pistol, and prepare for the impact. '
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