Riding the tandem rush rocket, Poporin and Colonel Tris dashed out from the
hangar of battleship Chomolungma.
' Colonel Tris, this is Morris. Star-Princess and Colonel Chris are in the middle place of
battleship Chomolungma and Besbios, and are still moving toward the center of the globular
formation now. You will come in contact with them in 200 seconds. Please be careful! '

Colonel Morris who boarded battleship Chomolungma immediately after their rush
rocket left talked to Colonel Tris with the radio.
' Thank you, Colonel Morris. Please keep battleship Chomolungma! '
Colonel Tris turned the accelarator of the control stick, and the rush rocket
quickly started accelerating.
' Colonel Tris! The surrounding battleships are emitting lights actively. What are
they? '
Suddenly the surrounding battleships and cruisers began to blink the light
irregularly, and Poporin who is wearing the helmet and sitting on the rear seat
was surprised. Then he asked about them to Colonel Tris sitting on the
drivers seat.
' Ah, that's the optical signal. If they speak all together by the radio, we'll be
confused.... '
' Wow! What are they saying? '
' Well.... " I pray for your good fight. : from battleship Appalachia " " Tris, do your
best! : from battleship Hakone " ...... Thank you very much, everyone! Someone
says " Mr. Poporin, never fall from the rush rocket. " '
' Woow!! Colonel Tris, you are very popular, aren't you?! '
Colonel Tris has the combat career which is almost as long as Colonel Chris's.
She seems to be liked by the soldiers of all ships. ( Perhaps, most of them are
the Chris-Class androids. )
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